inexpensive plasterboard insulation material suspended ceiling

Inexpensive plasterboard insulation material suspended ceiling  – in Hungary – Budapest 

Our warehouses are full of plasterboard and insulation material. Inexpensive plasterboard insulation material suspended ceiling Hungary 11 stores !! 

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Inexpensive plasterboard, insulation material, suspended ceiling 

Inexpensive drywall, insulation materials, ceiling Hungary, Budapest. Welcome to our website. We do not shop, but also a real inventory with drywall, insulation material and suspended ceilings department stores. dry construction and insulation materials on this site in our store, so they are instantly available to buy. If you order quantity reaches tailored by the manufacturer, the product will be shipped free of charge. Our staff of experienced professionals who are available in case of issue. Drywall and insulation material prices and about actual stock:

Siniat/NIDA, Knauf and Rigips plasterboard, Knauf, Armstrong suspended ceilings, Rockwool, Ursa, Knauf, Nobasil, Nikecell, Austrotherm insulation materials. The best insulation material prices in Europe, with transport.

Drywall prices can be found here.

Cheap plasterboard, insulation material, suspended ceiling
inexpensive plasterboard, insulation material, suspended ceiling
Inexpensive drywall Rigips, Knauf, Siniat Hungary 

The prices are in HUF and gross/added tax

Standard impregnated, fire-resistant, flexible, perforated plasterboard prices. Lafarge/Siniat, Knauf, Rigips plasterboard from Hungary.
Siniat and Knauf, Rigips – global companies excellent products

Siniat, Knauf, Rigips gypsum board size: 2.0 x 1.2 m = 2.4 m2 or 2.0 m2 x 1,25 m = 2.5

Gypsum board weight: depending on the manufacturer and type 20-25 kg / tablet

Rigips Blue Acoustic sound insulation / sound-proof drywall deal!!!!!

Ceiling prices can be found here.

Cheap plasterboard, insulation material, suspended ceiling
inexpensive plasterboard, insulation material, suspended ceiling
INEXPENSIVE  AMF – ARMSTRONG suspended ceilings in Hungary

Armstrong and Knauf AMF suspended ceiling tiles 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm on stock in sizes to order at short notice.

Things to solving the suspended ceiling. This material is rock wool insulation excellent sound and thermal insulation as well. Structured looking surface is very ornate. The thickness of 12-13 – 14- 15 mm.

What is the most important! It offers spectacular aesthetic solutions. Excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation, and everything in mechanical engineering, technical cable can be “plugged into” above the ceilings. The suspended ceiling tiles are easy to change, it does not involve dirt. Today it is not only one of you favorites but increasingly gaining ground on a daily basis in the apartments.


Insulation material prices can be found here.

inexpensive plasterboard, insulation material, suspended ceiling
inexpensive plasterboard, insulation material, suspended ceiling
Inexpensive Rockwool, Knauf, Ursa glass wool insulation material Hungary

Warehouses, glass wool, rock wool and polystyrene satisfy a wide range of thermal and acoustic insulation materials! Contractors, projects employed individual prices! Rockwool and Knauf Nobasil -Mineral wool board. Dimensions: 1000 x 600 mm.
Ursa and Knauf – Glass wool rolls. The coils presentation and size varies with the manufacturer.
Nikecell and Austrotherm – Polystyrene board. Dimensions: 1000 x 500 mm. Very good insulating material prices!

For sale inexpensive Rigips, Knauf, Siniat gypsum board, AMF – ARMSTRONG suspended ceilings and Rockwool, Knauf, Ursa glass wool insulation material from Hungary.
In Hungary, drywall and insulation material is cheaper than in your country. Perhaps the sizes are not the same but the quality is excellent! The gipszakrton and insulation materials with high quality and cheap! Projects of high prices and we deliver!
If plasterboard, coffered ceiling and insulation are looking for please send dimensions, quote request. Very good and cheap prices drywall!

Inexpensive Rockwool, Knauf, Ursa Dipper glass wool insulation material Hungary!

Inquire about prices by email. Manager colleague sends the quotation or agreed to call back. Prices inquire by e-mail. Manager colleague sends the quotation or agreed to call back. Please, use the contact menu or send an email to the email address

Drywall, insulation material and suspended ceiling materials have been sold to England, France, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, Transylvania, Bohemia.